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Keep it stupidly-simple

When I started to learn the intricacies of Javascript I was working alongside a colleague. He was a great programmer with different strengths than mine so it gave me a nice learning boost by turning pretty much everything into a competition. I remember him one time showing me how much
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Thoughts on HackerRank

Lately I've been killing time on HackerRank. What is HackerRank? I will lazily quote their About Us page: We rank programmers based on their coding skills, helping companies source great programmers and reduce the time to hire. The HackerRank platform is the destination for the best engineers to hone their
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Difficulty is relative

Today I read a thought-provoking article on Wordpress, claiming that Wordpress is not easy. Now, I'm by no means an expert on Wordpress but I do have my fair share of experience with it, from all points of view. Having switched from it to Ghost and with a better idea
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How to make your site better

An ex-coleague of mine showed me today the site of his new employer and asked me if I can give him my personal opinion about the site, being interested in a web developer's perspective. When you have to give a quick look at a site there aren't that many things
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I've got 99 problems but a browser ain't one

There are plenty of exciting moments in a web developer's job but fixing browser-specific bugs do not count among them. Much to my annoyance, I found myself trying to fix a weird flipping behavior in the browser version of Safari. Everything worked flawlessly in Chrome and Firefox, even Internet Explorer
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