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Browserify is useful

During the React tutorial presented in the previous post, I got a good taste of Browserify and so far it's the first tool of its kind that I found personally useful. Browserify helps with the module management, using npm, and can also to other useful transformations to the source file
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Some thoughts about React

This week I went trough a very interesting React tutorial, that recreated the Hacker News frontpage. For those who don't know, React is a "Javascript library for building user interfaces", built by the brilliant Facebook developers. It's main point is the use of a Virtual DOM, which makes the rendering
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Facebook comments on a Ghost blog

After setting up my personal blog on a subdomain I had to do something about comments. Since it was a personal blog, targeted at my friends, and I was also planning to promote it mostly on Facebook, I prefered to have Facebook comments instead of the standard Disqus plugin. There
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Setting a Ghost blog on a subdomain

This weekend I tried to set up Ghost on a subdomain as well. I succeeded in the end, but things didn't go as smoothly as I hoped. Even though, in retrospective, it should have been obvious, the first thing that needs to be done is to create the subdomain in
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Hosting multiple Ghost blogs on Digital Ocean

Making the switch from Wordpress/PHP to Ghost/NodeJS was a good move. The site's faster, uses less resources and the hosting is much cheaper. There was only one downside: unlike the PHP hosting I've been used to, I had no idea how to host multiple blogs (with multiple domains
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Restarting Ghost

Since a new Ghost version is available for download I figured it was time to upgrade this blog. There was just a itsy bitsy tiny miny problem: I had forgotten my root password for the Digital Ocean droplet hosting this blog. This itself was not a huge deal, it's very
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