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on ghost

In case your Ghost blog goes down

From time to time my two Ghost blogs go down. In most of the cases it happens because my server runs out of memory, it being the smallest VPS DigitalOcean has to offer. Although 512 Mb of RAM are enough for two ghost instances and a couple of static content,
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on css

Short thoughts about BEM CSS

I'm a Windows Phone user and I really love their mobile OS. I owned a Lumia 920 and now I use the bigger and thinner Lumia 830, a phone that I absolutely love. In fact, I like it so much that it made to want to recreate it with HTML
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What codes around, comes around

About a year ago I tried to do a small image preloading script. All the existing solutions were very overkill for my needs and it also became really stressful to keep running into the same problem. So I tried to make a tiny library to help me. I took advantage
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on javascript

JSRatio - preserving your aspect ratios

I was trying to do something fun for myself when I ran into the old aspect ratio problem. I wanted a div with a percentage-based width and a height that will update automatically while preserving a certain ratio. Doing it for an image is really simple, for everything else not
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Nginx error pages and Ghost

If Ghost goes down everyone accessing the blog will run into an ugly 500 Internal Server Error page. Not only it looks bad, but it's also unclear for them: what happened? when will it be fixed? what can they do in the meantime? I wanted a solution for this and
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The hassles of updating Ghost

If there's one thing I really miss about the Wordpress version of the blog was the ease of the updating process. While I do prefer Ghost for my blogging needs, I loathe the idea of having to upgrade it... However, version 0.7 of Ghost is so nice I just
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