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Publishing your local project to Github in a lot of complicated steps

When it comes to version control software I'm used to working with SVN. However, the industry norm seems to be GIT so I've dabbled around with it as well, just enough to work the courage of publishing a small local project to my Github account. But what should have a
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on css

Having fun with the web

When you start programming for the first time, everything is fun. The whole world is nothing but an inspiration source and you are limited only by your imagination. You do project after project, learning new things in the process. Most of the projects are crap, but you're having fun. Then
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on python

Automatic OCR with Textract and Python

Some of my colleagues from a non-developer department were in need for some help. They had to translate the product info from some images and it was very time consuming. If only there were a method to automatically extract the text from the images, to give them a head start
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on javascript

Javascript's scoping got me

When programming, I often use a pattern like this one: var myDefaultVariable; for (var key in object) { myDefaultVariable = myDefaultVariable || getOtherVariable(); // do stuff } The code above is not an exact form and it's something I use mostly when I have an original value that needs to be determined only for first
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on javascript, css

When animationEnd is not fired

I ran into a problem today with an animated action. It was part of a queue and the next command was triggered from inside the animationEnd callback. The animations I was using were made with CSS classes and detecting the animation completion with Javascript was a much more elegant and
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on web

The Web Developers' superpowers

Just like Superman has flying, super-strength and X-Ray vision, the Web Developers have a superpower of their own, much like Batman's amazing toolbelt. This superpower is the browser console. At work (and most of the times at home), I have at least one tab with the developer's console open. Besides
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